Kids and Curls, Hair Care for Children with Kinky Curly Hair

Let the Love Begin 

Since the birth of my first daughter, family and friends have asked, "What do you do to her hair?" At first, I thought they were implying I did something wrong, that my child looked crazy. Then they would elaborate:

It looks like she has a perm.
How do you keep it from "turning"?
Your baby got that "good" hair.

They are always amazed at how simple my answer is - water, leave in conditioner, cream. Really, that's all. I asked another mother at my child's daycare what she did to style her infant's hair. Her daughter is African American, but her hair is wavy with big, loose curls. Her reply - nothing. She barely combs it, and only washes it every two weeks or so, yet the baby's curls are soft, bouncy, and healthy.

Because we are accustomed to using so many products and hair tools on our hair, we assume our curly-haired children require the same. They don't. You can use practically nothing in their hair and it will look gorgeous. The first step is believing that their hair is beautiful - AS IS. Now, let's begin relearning how to love your kids' curls!